The Easiest Wool Jumpers to Care For

Our British-made woollie jumpers aren’t your average pure wool jumpers.

Stick with us whilst we take you through our Woollie Journey…

We work with a family-run mill in the Midlands who produce our fabulous jumpers. They source the British wool locally from a long-established yarn spinner nestled in the Pennine Range who work with farmers to source responsible-sourced wool.

The wool makes an estimated 452-mile journey from field to us in Northumberland National Park. It is sourced from farmers who place environmental and animal welfare at the heart. The yarn is natural, ensuring the fibres are of the highest quality to provide exceptional style, comfort and warmth. The yarns are sourced from farmers who place environmental and animal welfare at their heart. The jumpers are machine-made and then finished and checked by their in-house knitters before they leave the premises and head to their new homes.


The timeless styles of our jumpers are inspired by rich heritage, embodying simplicity, supreme quality and creating comfort. Different to a normal pure woollie, our jumpers are crafted to be convenient for our bustling, modern lives by being ultra-easy to care for. Believe it or not, our pure wool jumpers can be machine washed.

I am ‘Queen of Shrinking’ given the number of times I have shrunk my own jumpers over the years, despite following guidelines and giving it my best shot. So, I was sceptical when trialling the first samples, my mum and I took one of each size and measured them, and with great hesitancy…threw them in the washing machine one-by-one, quickly closing the door with our eyes shut tight. Once done – and with half-closed-eyes - we removed them and measured them…to find the exact same measurements. Not believing it, we did this twice for each jumper. Low and behold, there was no shrinking! Our ‘close-to-perfect’ wool jumpers can be machine washed on both a wool or 30 degree wash.

As a knitwear lover, I constantly have a ‘handwash’ pile of jumpers that need washing which I always dread and avoid for as long as I can…oh, the delight I felt when our jumpers survived the washing machine was too much to put into words! I feel like we've hit the jackpot!


Our woollies combine the best features of pure wool jumpers – supreme quality and easy care to make them an everyday favourite.