Environmental & Social Responsibility

Providing quintessential, British-inspired quality clothing without sacrificing environmental and social integrity is our core aim. A love of nature and our environment calls for a responsibility to protect it, and every small contribution can have a huge influence. 

I&R has made purposeful effort to ensure its environmental impact is minimal.

Plastic Free

We are committed to tackling the crisis of single-use plastic consumption. Once used plastic packaging is either burned contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, or for the most part, is disposed of into our oceans, never disappearing but breaking down into smaller pieces that marine life ingests. 

Our packaging and little touches are sourced from natural materials and where possible are themselves made from recycled materials, from our recycled kraft hanging tags, paper packaging bags to beeswax.

 Help us Save Africa's Wildlife

Following their own adventures in Africa, the team behind Ivy & Rigg has partnered with the Wildlife ACT to support efforts to save Africa's endangered and threatened wildlife from extinction. Visit here for more information.

 The Ivy & Rigg Forest

For every order that you place, we will plant a tree on your behalf in the Ivy & Rigg Forest in the mangrove forests of north west Madagascar, a deteriorating global biodiversity hotspot. Visit here for more information.

Ethical Standards and Certifications 

Our clothing are certified by a number of bodies ensuring they adhere to high environmental and social standards. Please see below for more details.

Fair Wear Foundation: A non-profit organisation dedicated to improving workplace conditions in the garment and textile industry adhering to strict UN principles. 

Organic Soil Association: The UK's leading farming charity and organic certified body, committed to promoting healthy and sustainable farming and land-use.

Carbon Trust: Worldwide experts in accelerating the global movement towards a sustainable, low carbon economy through helping companies reduce their carbon emissions. Our Organic Clothing carbon reduction is calculated under PAS2050 standard.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): A worldwide leading standard for guaranteeing the quality of organic products.

Organic Content Standard: Guarantees the traceability and integrity of organic cotton.

Global Recycled Standard: Worldwide leading standard for guaranteeing that products are made from recycled material.

Vegan: Our Organic Clothing are manufactured to PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) standards and are vegan approved.