Our Signature Charitable Donations

The essence of Ivy & Rigg is that small contributions combine to make a big difference.
We are proud to announce we have formally collaborated with the Wildlife ACT, a conservation NGO on a mission to save Africa’s endangered and threatened wildlife and wild places from extinction. The Wildlife ACT operate in eastern South Africa, working to protect elephants, rhino (black and white), African wild dogs, cheetah, vultures, leopard and lion.
Each item in our Hadrian, Longsands and Akenshaw Collections include a £1 donation that goes directly to the Wildlife ACT, helping fund real wildlife conservation in Africa.

Tracking and long-term monitoring is essential for conservation. Many African game reserves do not have the capacity or funds to do such, so the Wildlife ACT provide them free of charge through projects funded and undertaken by volunteers. They also work on re-introduction and community conservation programmes.

Working 365 days a year monitoring and protecting African wildlife, the daily effort that works to safeguard these species if profound so much so they are supported by the WWF for their commitment and contributions to protecting African wildlife.

Since 2008, Wildlife ACT has achieved the following species conservation work:
 Over 240 Rhinos fitted with Tracking Devices
 Over 160 Rhino relocated to new homes
 Over 165 African Wild Dogs fitted with Tracking & anti-snare Collars
 Over 120 Wild Dogs saved, treated and rescued from snares
 Over 50 Vultures fitted with GPS backpacks/trackers
 Over 125 Vultures Wing-tagged and sampled
 Over 30 Cheetah fitted with Tracking Collars
 19 Cheetah Relocated to new homes
 6 Cheetah rescued from snares
 Over 60 Lions fitted with Tracking Collars
 Over 20 Lions Relocated to new homes
 8 Elephants fitted with Tracking Collars
 4 Elephants treated for wounds
Visit https://wildlifeact.com/ for further information.