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Plant a Tree

For every order that you place, you will be planting a tree in our forest, making you a part of the community making a change and preserving our forests without lifting a shovel. 

Working with out partner Tree Nation, we have already planted trees in Tanzania. We have now moved onto a more critical ecosystem suffering mass deforestation, Madagascar.

The Eden Madagascar Reforestation Project

Madagascar is home to hundreds of species of animals found nowhere else on Earth but  only 10% of Madagascar's original forests remain today. Due to the severe levels of deforestation of mangroves and upland-forests in Madagascar, we are working with our partners Tree Nation in the Madagascar Reforestation Project, establishing forests in this deteriorating global biodiversity hot spot in the northwest of the country. 

Each of the fast growing and fast regenerating mangrove trees you help to plant will also offset 40 Kg of carbon over it's lifetime. 

From the comfort of your home help us keep forests healthy, to keep us healthy. For more information about our partners follow the link below.