Stay Healthy and Comfy at Home

We are facing uncertain times ahead together; our everyday lives have been upturned and our social calendars emptied for the time being. Although this is all for our own health and well being, that doesn’t make the adjustment any less overwhelming…and we can’t even head to our local for a drink to unwind.

To help get through the upcoming period at home, maintain positive vibes and conquer anxiety, the Ivy & Rigg team have thrown around a few suggestions that may help keep your spirits high and sane with the social distancing…because there are only so many hours you can binge on Netflix.

1. Nostalgic Games

Reach for that deck of cards or those board games gathering dust on top of your wardrobe. They offer a lot more than a healthy dose of competition and distraction, also benefiting your mind and stress-levels whilst creating a lot of laughter! A few suggestions are Monopoly, Scrabble and Uno – now get ready, deal your money, roll the dice and battle it out for Mayfair or dig your dictionary out to discover some new words!

 2. Grab a good read

Grab that book you bought months ago or received at Christmas which has been sitting on your shelf and lose yourself in a new story. If you’re not much of a reader but need an escape for a while…find yourself an audiobook or podcast to throw yourself into.

 3. Stay fit at Home

For many our fitness regimes have been thrown out of the window with gym closures and we are now at a loss of how to stay fit and motivated when confined to our homes. For you runners get out and bash out a 5k, or better yet if you’re looking for a new challenge there is no better time to start Couch to 5k, with Jo Whiley, Sarah Millican Sanjeev Kohli or Micheal Johnson supporting you along the way in the fresh air and open spaces.

There are thousands of free and easy home based workouts to get you off the sofa, with and without equipment. The suggestions range from NHS exercises, HITT sessions, Joe Wicks: The Body Coach and MadFit youtube channels which offer a broad selection, ensuring there is something for all abilities! Move your coffee table over for half an hour and get your heart rate up.


4. Keep in touch with friends and family.

Everyone is facing the same social restrictions, and in today's age, video calling can make it seem like your friends and family are in the same room with you…make the most of it. Keep on top of their going-ons, catch up on the gossip, even cook and bake alongside each other to help each other through.

5. Get outside

When going through stressful times, nature will help you keep your worries at bay. There are multiple benefits to getting out in fresh air and greenery for both your physical and mental health. In these uncertain times, get outside where possible, embracing the warming weather and lighter nights to blow the cobwebs off by getting your dose of nature and calm. Don't underestimate how even a 10-minute sit in your garden with a cup of tea can help clear your mind.

If you have a National Trust property near you, it is great to hear that they are opening their sites to all for FREE.  So let show our appreciation of this generous gesture and visit their amazing gardens, unspoiled woodlands and coastlines.

To each of our loyal customers, we are sending positive vibes your way! We would like to assure you we are operating as normal for online orders, ensuring the necessary measures are in place for the well-being of our team.

If you are in need of ethical lounge wear to stay cosy at home, take a peak at our cosy sweatshirts and hoodies which don't threaten the natural elements we are all turning to for sanctuary during this tough time.

Stay safe and in good health, remembering you’re not in this alone. We’re all in this together!

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