Following passions not trends, we promise timeless clothing that does not sacrifice environmental and social integrity. 


Ethical Fabrics 

We are proud to be supporting and encouraging the movement away from fast fashion, raising awareness of the detrimental practices associated with it that we are learning ourselves and providing affordable, ethical clothing. 

Our clothing are produced in a number of premises globally. All of those outside of the UK are certified by internationally renowned bodies ensuring production is responsible, adhering to the highest environmental and social standards from the field to their arrival with us.

The initial dream for Ivy & Rigg was to have everything produced in the United Kingdom. For a long list of reasons, that unfortunately wasn't possible when we started, so we had to expand our search. My professional career working in sustainable development within emerging and developing countries has exposed us first-hand to the challenges and stigma associated with manufacturing outside of the UK. As we've progressed, grown, learnt and been exposed to new information, knowledge and situations with I&R, our dream has evolved to making I&R a business which supports any and all establishment doing their part to promote environmental advances and innovation, as long as high, moral social standards are met as well.

We are proud to be supporting premises across the globe which are run by renewable energy, encouraging gender equality and promoting fair wages, working conditions and moral standards to those they employ, all audited through certifications. Each standard has stringent requirements and monitoring procedures to ensure only credible garments that meet the strict criteria receive the certifications. Certifications logos are displayed on the individual item pages.

We are delighted to have moved into British made wool jumpers, which supports British farmers and manufacturers. Coming from a farming family - sheep farmers - this is a very personal mission for us. We are very much excited to see our British manufacturing journey continue! 

Tree Planting

To support reforestation in deforestation areas, for every order placed we plant one tree in the Ivy & Rigg Forest. Visit here to find out more.

Plastic-Free Packaging 

In an effort to prevent further ocean plastic pollution, our packaging and little touches are 100% natural materials, recycled or recyclable. Please reuse them wherever possible!

Wildlife Donations 

To help protect local to global wildlife under threat, with every piece of clothing sold we donate to a worthy wildlife conservation causes. Visit here to read more.