My love for nature and animals has determined a number of huge decisions for me, from my career in climate change and rescuing animals in need of a home, to a growing desire to build a sustainable business that has positive impact. 
Following passions not trends, we promise timeless clothing that does not sacrifice environmental and social integrity. 

Ethical Fabrics 

We are on a journey to help support a movement away from addictive fast fashion through providing affordable, ethical clothing sourced from around the globe. Discover more here.

Tree Planting

Forests are essential for the health and functioning of both of people and the planet. Yet, deforestation is happening at scary rates around the world. To support reforestation in a globally recognised biodiversity hotspot suffering drastic deforestation, for every order placed we plant one tree in the Ivy & Rigg Forest. Read more about our reforestation efforts here.

Plastic-Free Packaging 

Much of the world is swimming in plastic. In recent decades it has become addictively convenient which has led to a throw-away culture. We favour a more natural approach, for the aesthetic as well as the lower environmental impact. In an effort to prevent further ocean plastic pollution, our packaging and little touches are 100% natural materials, recycled or recyclable. Please reuse them wherever possible and recycle them once you're done.

Wildlife Donations 

Northumberland's iconic red squirrels are a favourite across the county. Sadly they currently under serious threat with very low numbers remaining. To try and help protect this dying species, I&R make a donation to help with every piece of clothing purchased. Visit here to read more.