Tree Planting

Trees have always been prevalent within my life - from climbing them endlessly as a child, playing hide and seek behind them from my dogs in local woods, using them for cover from our unpredictable Northern weather and now constantly looking for scenic views for I&R campaigns. They are an essential staple we need to thrive, not only appreciate.  

Join us in become part of the community making a change and preserving our forests. For every item sold, one tree is planted in the Ivy & Rigg Forest.

We have focused our work in Madagascar, planting in the remote North West of the country to bring back the vitality of the forest. We have partnered with a community-based planting project which not only positively impacts the tree cover, but also provides training and livelihood opportunities for marginalised villages who would otherwise remain isolated. The seedlings are nurtured within nurseries overseen by trained community members and planted after they've reached a certain height. 

A critical ecosystem suffering mass deforestation, Madagascar today has only 10% of it's original forests remaining. As the reforestation efforts go on, healthy forests will begin to remerge and the negative effects of deforestation will begin to disappear. Each tree planted will offset 40kg of carbon over its lifetime. From the comfort of your home, give back to nature.