Our Story Our Story

I am over the moon you’ve found my little corner of the world! First things first, Hi!

The Who behind the brand

I am Amie, creator of Ivy & Rigg. This is a journey I never imagined myself on, but I'm so glad I took the plunge. Born and raised in rural Northumberland, my life has revolved around the countryside, exploring the great outdoors, spending every moment I could with animals, helping on the family sheep farm and laughing as often as I can. 

My love for nature and animals took me around the world, after environmental placements in South Africa, I found a love for Africa. After seeing the devastating impacts of climate change and the harsh reality for vulnerable communities, I discovered a passion to help however I could. My day job, which I do alongside I&R, is tackling climate change and international development, implementing sustainable projects in remote communities across Africa which I have the privilege of visiting every so often.  

An idea begins...

After completing my environmental degree and landing my dream job, I found myself back in wild lands of Northumberland that I love, where my inspiration for Ivy & Rigg was found. I wanted to start something, but didn't know what exactly. I knew nothing about the fashion industry. But I knew I could learn, so I set about researching.

Not one for the fancy, high-maintenance or overly-complicated, I wanted pieces that were special for their easiness and simplicity. That could be worn every day and not wither or lose shape. I didn’t know any details or have any leads, I just knew whichever avenue I went with, it would be sustainable - environmentally and socially responsible. That was non-negotiable. 

 A few months later we found our starting point. Organic cotton and recycled polyester pieces derived from single-use plastic bottles clothing, made in Asia (I delve into this more below), nothing in the UK was of comparable quality. The next step was putting them to test of durability with Northern farmers…which they surpassed.

What's in a name?

Now to decide on a name, one that captured the environmental aspect and inspiration from Northumberland as well as made people feel how we wanted them to. History was researched, maps were scoured and old family photographs were dug out…it took a while. After endless walks in Northumberland National Park, Ivy was chosen first, meaning wonderfully classic, fearless as well as being a natural, evergreen plant.
Hadrian’s Wall Steel Rigg, where the infamous Sycamore Gap is (one of the most photographed trees in Europe supposedly), is on our doorstep and a walk I’ve done all through my life. And so Rigg followed, meaning to clothe or adorn which fit perfectly. The Wall is revered as a hardy, Northern frontier which has a long-lasting impression which also represented what I am trying to achieve.

The Non-Negotiable Ethics

Ivy & Rigg wasn’t created from a love for fashion. Instead, it is about people and the planet. A need for responsible sourcing and producing, for respect and fair treatment of the people involved at every step of the process from field to wardrobe. It’s about considering the impact on the planet behind every garment and minimising it.

Through my own experiences and insights working in developing countries, I want I&R to support any premises producing quality items responsibly, regardless of their location. Ethical nowadays is a taboo word, over-used and in many cases untrue. I realised when beginning this journey my professional environmental specialisms were key for sifting through so-called ethical establishments and supply chains. I have handpicked those I work with based on transparency, accountability and quality. These began in India and Bangladesh and during the pandemic expanded to Britain.  The latter deepened my sense of purpose from a personal level and the importance of my mission sky rocketed due to my very close link to the British farming world.

Aiming for sustainability, I see timeless style as important as the processes and people involved. These are loved pieces worn again and again and again, repeatedly reached for in your wardrobe all year round. We need to fight the ‘fast fashion crisis’. I hope I&R can inspire a move away from the addiction to the ‘temporary new’. And instead promote appreciation and wholesomeness of timeless staples full of style and of true quality to make a lifetime of memories with you.

 The Family Gang

I would never have got this far without my fantastically crazy family behind me. My environmental knowledge combined with their experience, advice and grounded-ness (if that’s a word!) has been priceless. From seamstress and accountant, to stall do-ers and stock transporters, my mum and Auntie Aggie are my righthand women here in Northumberland. A little further afield we have Auntie M, Pip and numerous cousins of the McClounie clan as my go-to bunch. Some of the best ideas have been thrown over cups of tea, homemade nibbles or leftovers or throwing ideas around whilst helping down at the sheep.

Here and Now

Ivy & Rigg is the place to find quality clothing, responsibly produced in line with my core values:

-Supporting British farmers
-Showcasing and supporting Northumberland
-Supporting small businesses 

Following passions not trends, Ivy & Rigg was born from a deep respect for nature, rich Northumbrian heritage and a love for easy styling. We promise quality, classic styles fashioned from environmentally conscious materials, sustainable from field to wardrobe.

Thank you if you’ve made it this far! This as a marathon, not a sprint. About quality not quantity. About integrity rather than immediate wins. I am always learning and growing, which means I&R is too right alongside me. You can scroll below and see some snapshots of our history, the ups and some downs and all in-between. The story is far from finished, so stick around to see where we go!