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Stay Healthy and Comfy at Home

We are facing uncertain times ahead together; our everyday lives have been upturned and our social calendars emptied for the time being. Although this is all for our own health and well being, that doesn’t make the adjustment any less overwhelming…and we can’t even head to our local for a drink to unwind. To help get through the upcoming period at home, maintain positive vibes and conquer anxiety, the Ivy & Rigg team have thrown around a few suggestions that may help keep your spirits high and sane with the social distancing…because there are only so many hours you can binge on Netflix. 1. Nostalgic Games Reach for that deck of cards or those board games gathering dust on top...

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That One-Of-A-Kind Mum 🌼

If you are lucky enough to have an amazing mum, show your appreciation this Mother's Day by spoiling her with a one-of-a-kind gift she wouldn't normally get herself.  Be ready for Sunday 22nd March and gift her an eco-friendly I&R piece so she's reminded of what she means to you each time she pulls it on. Gift your one-of-a-kind mum something that is meaningful and good for the environment. 

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Turning the Tide on Ocean Plastic Pollution

We think an awful lot about the world’s ocean, igniting memories of chasing the waves and wrapping up wandering the Northumberland coast. With eight million metric tonnes of plastic dumped into the ocean each year, we are helping to turn the waves on wasted plastic bottles by creating recycled clothing that help preserve our oceans. Plastic now pollutes every corner of the earth and our big blue waters under serious threat, with it predicted by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean.   Plastics live forever, and so once created never go away. But plastic bottles can have a second life and be reinvented into wardrobe staples that become favourite, reliable layers that last for years....

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